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19 July 2012 @ 07:52 pm
A warm welcome, cyber space traveler, to my little corner of the web. Here you will find content created by myself for the Sims 2, generally with a medieval theme and picture spam from my own medieval 'hood. You may already have seen my work over at the Plumb Bob Keep.

Please enjoy your stay and do feel free to leave me a message :)


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08 July 2017 @ 08:09 am
Hi Guys,

My Image hosting service have just disabled 3rd party hosting for my account. I haven't got time to sort it out this week so I'm sorry about the lack of previews at the moment. I will get to this as soon as I can. Sorry for any inconvieniance caused!

It's been so long I can't even remember my own post formats...

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I'm not *back* per say, Work, Uni, Dissertation, etc. (*Insert excuse here*) but I will hopefully post content here sporadically. And yeah, that does mean occasionally 2 years pass between posts... Whoops.

Thanks for your patience guys :) Can't believe how much I missed creating. Now to write that Erlang...